Best SSHD For Gaming (PC, Laptop and PlayStation 4)

What is an SSHD?

Stand for Solid-state hybrid drive, fresh idea to combine old hard disk machine and new SSD tech, it fast enough for nowadays purpose but not much costly as SSD, and you can get a large storage capacity with excellent speed performance at an affordable price right now.

So basically, you can get the balanced performance and large capacity at once, it could be the right solution when large capacity SSD is so much expensive. It’s still slower than SSD but It way better than the old hard drive.

Extreme speed SSD performance which very expensive sometimes not very useful for some task and some program not very dependent on storage speed, It may be the best choice if you are a frequent user that doesn’t need more instantaneous response loading from program or gaming just okay for more second.

Which One Is The Best Choice HDD, SSD vs. SSHD For Gaming in 2019?

For overall performance, of course, A HDD and SSHD will never have a chance to match SSD speed performance, the storage speed crucial for nowadays game loading, although while in-game, you won’t see any difference in frame rate per second or even image quality.

The SSD dilemma is about the storage space per price, which is still relatively expensive until now when have to install a single game which requires more than 60GB space on the cheapest SSD with 128GB storages capacities, where will you store this game data?. Run out of storage space for games data; all you can do back up to an external drive or delete it.

With a relatively affordable price per GB then SSD, SSHD still has everything to store all game download, so don’t need to get an external drive, with just a matter of second slower game load times than SSD and a much quicker than a traditional hard disk.

SSHDs are just best for a gaming laptop and PlayStation 3 or 4 which require the benefits of both spaces for storage and speed, but also a wise choice for a budget PC gaming. My suggestion for PC gamer is to take an SSHD primarily if your rig can only use a single slot drive but need spacious storage.

Choose The Best Suitable Gaming Drive For Your Money

Gaming Performance Price per GB Durability Temp. Related Product Best For Overall
HDD Standard Best Good PC and Laptop Versatile Best for spacious storage for the money
SSHD up to 5x Faster Okay Better PC, Laptop, and PlayStation upgrade Gaming, Productive Activity, and Workstation Benefit both speed and storage at affordable price
SSD Fastest Expensive Considered the best but too many factors PC, Laptop, and PlayStation upgrade Gaming, Productive Activity, and Workstation Best for performance but relatively expensive

So here are the Best SSHD For Gaming 2019

  • Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD 3.5 INCH – Best SSHD For Budget PC Gamer.

The 3.5-inch Seagate Firecuda SSHD is an excellent alternative for the primary drive for your personal computer especially if you are on a budget but need extra space to store your gaming data or even your creative productivity data and additionally a pleasing boot time at the same time.

Don’t want to wait on your game, FireCuda performs up to 5x faster loading compared to a conventional HDD, yet provides the high capacity. But initially, it just performs like the old HDD tech, but after some loads on the single game, it becomes progressively more responsive. Ideal upgrade for budget PC gamers or creative professionals.

The technology which called Adaptive Memory learns anything from your frequent data activity and put it into Flash Accelerated, so it will help to speed up game loading after you after several loads. Too bad it’s only 8GB so it can’t reserve everything but only if you access the identical data over and over again.

But overall it’s an excellent choice if you after both speed and space. Still cheaper than any high-performance RPM HDD, less heat and less noise. Also, a special proposal from Seagate to prolonged warranty may have some advantage.

  • Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD 2.5 INCH – Best SSHD For Laptop and PS 4 Upgrade.

The Firecuda 2.5 inch perfectly fine for PS4, after some game loads this SSHD will offer the real performance, it progressively produces quicker load the longer you play in the single game.

As long you know how SSHD work, I bet you will be satisfied with the performance and more space possible at a comparably favorable price. Just like the desktop version, the SSHD 2.5 inch worth for budget storage that offers balanced HDD volume and snappy performance.

Essentially more reliable than PS4’s HDD stock offering and you should see the benefit of speed boosts the longer you play the game.

  • Fantom Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD Upgrade Kit – Best SSHD Playstation 4 Upgrade kit.

If you having a hard time to upgrade your Playstation 3 or 4 to SSHD then Fantom has the most useful upgrade kit that provides you a required tool including to reuses the unused previous storage into portable USB 3.0 enclosure.

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